In 2015 in Wichita Falls, a total of



unwanted cats and dogs

were taken in at the Animal Services Center and Humane Society of Wichita County.


Out of those 4977,



pets were euthanized because there were not enough homes. The vast majority of these animals were healthy, adoptable, and wanted to be loved.

No-Kill Wichita Falls is a unified movement, involving every animal welfare organization in Wichita Falls, to achieve 10% euthanasia or less of healthy cats and dogs in our community.

To reach No-Kill Wichita Falls in 5 years, we must accomplish two main goals:

Increase adoption by 360 pets per year through creative community-wide adoption initiatives.

Decrease the intake of unwanted animals by 500 each year through intense spaying, neutering, and outreach efforts.

So How Can the No-Kill Movement in Wichita Falls Help Save Lives?

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Spaying and neutering is the single most effective tool at combating pet overpopulation. Please fix your pets and encourage others to do the same. Even if you find homes for your puppies and kittens, you take away homes from healthy, adoptable puppies and kittens already born. Spaying and neutering should be done early, around 4 months of age, to maximize health and behavior benefits and prevent unwanted litters. Pets can breed this early so don't wait. Follow this link for info on why fixing your pets early is best for them and our community. http://fixatfour.com/ 


Think adoption first and think local. Shelter and rescue pets are not damaged or broken. Pets most commonly find themselves at a shelter because their parents divorced or moved. Talk to people that have adopted and they will tell you their adopted pet is the best pet they have ever owned. If you are one of these pet owners, share your story. Your community needs role models. Be one for No-Kill Wichita Falls. Visit our participant page to see amazing adoptable animals available right here in Wichita Falls. On Facebook, search for the hashtag #adoptwf.

Neighborhood canvassing.  We will be sharing our vision with 1000's of homes this summer. Come pound the pavement with us to ensure our reach is as wide as possible. We need volunteers! Please contact us through the No-Kill Wichita Falls Facebook page to volunteer.


Yard signs. No-Kill Wichita Falls yard signs can be purchased from any of our participants. Proceeds from yard signs benefit the organization you buy it from so that each can continue its awesome mission of helping pets in your community. A yard sign also shows you care and sets an example for those around you to follow.


Show & Tail. Did you know that pets are natural stress relievers? We will prove it. Let us bring an adoptable pet or two to your business for a bit and put some smiles on your staffs' faces. This will help us create exposure for the awesome adoptable pets in Wichita falls while also showing off your business's commitment to No-Kill Wichita Falls. Post on the No-Kill Wichita Falls Facebook page to let us know you want friendly, loving pets brought to your business.


Foster/Sponsors are needed. We have the ability to transport some pets monthly to communities where pet overpopulation is not a problem and their chance of adoption is guaranteed. This requires a short term commitment averaging 30 days of foster care. Would you be willing to save a life by opening your home and heart for 30 days? If you can't foster, you can still help by sponsoring a pet for $150.00. This amount pays for the necessary vetting for the transport program. Transport is a crucial component of animal welfare. Currently, 6 out of 10 unwanted cats and dogs are being euthanized in Wichita Falls. We must get as many as we can to areas where they will be adopted in order to increase the odds for those in Wichita Falls. Contact us through our Facebook page for details.


Stay tuned! We will make sure you hear about our plan by recruiting all forms of media to promote our vision. This community is filled with animal lovers. Let's celebrate this by sharing hero stories in all possible media outlets. 


Please like our Facebook page to keep up with events and progress. Remember #adoptwf and #nkwf.